The Best Way to

impact performance success.

...enabling your organization AND every individual to thrive!

The Best Way to

impact performance success.

...enabling your organization AND every individual to thrive!

What's the BIGGEST MISTAKE most leaders unknowingly make 
to foster diversity - that causes them to waste money
disengage their people and slow down productivity?

Over the last 20+ years, I've helped thousands of organizational leaders recognize what it takes to reduce bias and sustain psychological safety among their diverse team members... 

in ways that promote active engagement in increasing performance.

I've worked with businesses in almost every niche - and for any sized team.

Banking, Healthcare, Professional Services, Hospitality, Government Agencies, Non-Profits, Equity Funders, Entrepreneurs - and more.
Over the last 20+ years, I've helped thousands of organizational leaders recognize what it takes to reduce bias and sustain psychological safety among their diverse team members... ways that promote active engagement in increasing performance.

I've worked with businesses in almost every niche - and for any sized team...

Banking, Healthcare, Professional Services, Hospitality, Government Agencies, Non-Profits, Equity Funders, Entrepreneurs - and more.

There's one MAJOR THING
they all had in common when it came to their D&I activities

The One Thing that was the difference between...

The One Thing that was the difference between...

The One Thing that was the difference between...

The one thing that was the difference between...

The one thing that was the difference between...

The one thing that was the difference between...

The One Thing was...


 Diversity to impact DAILY PERFORMANCE.


Ok...  Right now, maybe you're thinking,
"Not me.  I always have the business case in mind!"

Here's how you know for sure.


Ok...  Right now, you're thinking,
"Not me.  I always have the business case in mind."

Here's how to know for sure.

You have a targeting problem, if:

You measure Diversity using mostly lagging indicators like recruiting headcount -  or idealistic measures like engagements surveys and culture assessments
You help your people understand more about themselves and others using psychometric tools that assess their personality, core values or character traits
You describe Inclusion primarily in terms of promoting a 'sense of belonging' for every individual, promoting a culture in which everyone gets along

Fostering diverse teams based on WHO they are is not enough...
if they don't also know HOW to target their diverse mindsets to engage in performance goals.

NO...  the problem likely isn't your D&I activities...  OR the tools you've used...  
Or EVEN because you believe people who get along are more likely to work better together...

diversity is targeted to impact performance is 
leaders make in their attempts to inclusively foster diversity.

Why is that?

I'm glad you asked!

You see, the reason targeting your people's diverse mindsets to impact performance is such a difficult thing to do...  and why so many leaders are left to rely mostly on hope and optimism...  is because they simply don't know what they don't know...


They don't link individuals' diverse mindsets directly to inclusive daily performance - to promote a sense of belonging on the team AND for their unique contribution to organizational performance.
They don't know exactly what their people need to know about themselves and others to reduce bias and to promote greater levels of fairness - ESPECIALLY in times of rising pressure.
They don't know how to map the collective mindsets of their diverse team to predict personalized learning paths and diversity recruiting activities to fit the next phase of their organization's performance.

Unfortunately, the sustainable effectiveness of your D&I activities - and how bonded your diverse team may feel - is limited by the knowledge and expertise you have in those 3 areas.

The other BIG PROBLEM, and perhaps the MORE SERIOUS PROBLEM, is that most leaders take the wrong approach to targeting their D&I programs for performance success.

And the truth is, with so many HR Consultants popping up every day as "diversity experts", reframing the traditional activities, rather than transforming the results - it can be very confusing!

These pop-up experts are telling leaders....

If we add another buzzword (like 'Equity') to D&I, your DEI activities will make more sense - and finally work...
If people are aware of their biases - they will be able to break through them every day, with every person at work...
When people share their 'story' with others - they will feel more a part of your team...
Onboarding new hires by asking them to aspire to your ideal cultural norms - will enable them to be themselves...
When you have the headcount to meet your needs, your team is inclusive - because they decided to join your team...

The approach most leaders wrongly take is what I call the "World Peace" approach to targeting...

They focus their diversity metrics mostly on things like gender, race, sexual orientation, etc...
They use personality or values-based assessments to bond people around similarities, intended to improve relations...
They use employee resource groups (task forces) and engagement surveys to summarize every person's needs...
They provide safe spaces for people to air their grievances or to point out the potential for unfairness in team practices...

You see, most leaders think of targeting DEI to bring better business results as one-dimensional.

They believe that if they do everything they can to get lots of diverse people to get along better... that those people will also magically(?) get to work better together, as well.

This is a big mistake.

All of the above activities are


if your goal is to enable personal AND organizational well-being.

They work if you're really, really REALLY lucky - that your people feel good being a part of your team - AND work well together for more than a little while.
They  work if there is no added pressure rising in your workplace that stresses people into becoming disengaged in the work they're doing.
They don't work if you're interested in leading an organization that thrives... 
for the impact of every thriving individual - every day.

 Leveling the playing field to equitably foster Diversity...  

 Reducing bias for the psychological safety that enables Inclusion...  

 Increasing performance that leads to successful Organizational results...

You need

6 Pillars of Organizational Justice

to sustain Inclusive Diversity

With Inclusive Diversity...


Individuals can feel a sense of belonging in every aspect of their daily performance goals - AND with their team.


People can move beyond their blind spots and team biases in performance for more transparency and fairness.


Leaders can map the collective mindset diversity measures to predict personalized development and diversity recruiting needs to sustain effective inclusion in future performance - including through rising pressure!

This is absolutely what's been MISSING
if you want to sustain DEI, rather than simply hope you can attain it.

If you're reading this and realizing that everything you've done to date is not enough...  Don't worry.
You've done great things to get yourself (and your team) here.

I have a simpler, 
more measurable way.

I start my clients off with 3 Key Pivots to Lead Beyond Bias...

To target your DEI efforts to achieve success, 
you just need to 'start from the other side'.

Let me explain...

When we bring in Diversity to our teams 
and THEN work on Inclusion, we risk retention, productivity AND $$!

Diversity is good for your Organization.
Inclusion is hard for people.

I guide my clients to target their DEI efforts DIRECTLY to daily performance - by 'starting where they are'.

I show them what it takes to:




Organize your existing teams around effective Inclusion
Charter complementary working relationships, targeting their diverse mindsets to engage in performance success
Predict how to lead / recruit / develop your people using specific tactics to express their valued contribution to performance and as a team member


Organize your existing teams around effective Inclusion


Charter complementary working relationships, targeting their diverse mindsets to engage in performance success


Predict how to lead / recruit / develop your people using specific tactics to express their valued contribution to performance and as a team member
When you implement each step properly...  one after the other...   It will enable you to foster the diversity you need to see on your team - to complement the team in targeting business success.
These 3 Key Pivots have helped thousands of clients to Lead Beyond Bias, which is foundational in bringing  the kind of or Organizational Justice that everyone wishes to see in the workplace...  including YOU!

Who am I and why should you believe me?

Hi, I'm Pam!

I started my career as a banker, and then did graduate studies in Corporate Behavioral and Positive Psychology.  This sits me squarely at the intersection of business and behaviors.  Always.
At the University of Pennsylvania, where I studied Positive Psychology, my graduate thesis validated an impactful process I call 'Inclusive Diversity'.  Built upon the foundation of the 6 Pillars of Organizational Justice, Leadership Beyond Bias can be sustained!  These cutting-edge mindset diversity measures enable both organizations AND individuals to thrive.
I've lived and worked on 3 continents, for more than 2 decades - and I've served on the WSJ Task Force on Women in the Economy, with UN Partners, as a member of the Global Summit on Women and as faculty to the Thought Leadership Institute for Talent Management... 
I'm also a published author, a keynote speaker, a widely-read blogger, a sought-after coach / consultant and an intentional ally.
Pamela Teagarden, MAPP
Founder, Authentum

My methodology is based on my purpose statement and company vision:
Finding New Ways the World Works When People are Authentic.

Now that I have your attention, Let me ask you...  Do YOU know:

HOW to link every aspect of your organizational vision directly through your DEI efforts?  Every policy, process, function, and strategy affects or is affected by DEI.  Even your social impact!
HOW to move beyond 4 levels of bias that are breaking down your business?  Every HR/OD activity needs to link from people to performance, and your DEI outcomes can be the bridge.
HOW to combine 12 specific mindset measures with your other tools and assessments?  Mindset diversity measures are complementary to traditional psychometric tools and have 3 add'l validations.
HOW to aggregate team mindsets into company-wide 'Authentic Culture' models?  Individuals can thrive when they are able to work closer to their 'instincts'.  And bias can be reduced in feedback.
HOW  to sustain Inclusive Diversity through the negative impact of rising pressure?  When people thrive, they have the resilience to mitigate stress and to predict what they will need to sustain that.
HOW to make 3 pivots to predict diversity recruiting and developmental goals for future performance?  Using the mindset measures well, people can predict specific HR/OD needs.

If you answered NO to any of the above questions, then you might want to keep reading, 
so today can be the last day that happens to you.

Introducing an EXCLUSIVE MASTERMIND - to Build

6 Pillars of Organizational Justice...

6 Pillars of Organizational Justice is an exclusive Mastermind that walks you through the fundamentals of organizing yourself, your team and your organization... inclusively around performance - beyond everyone's biases.

Right now, the world feels disjointed, even dangerous to some - this is your opportunity to show your people they matter; to promote fairness and justice for personal and organizational well-being!

We can redefine our workplaces, as our lives are being redefined. We can finally link the authentic strengths of our people inclusively around performance - precisely so we can move beyond our biases to foster MORE diversity.  
You already know this is important…

…And you are committed to the outcome… but you might not know how to get there.

That’s why I’ve taken my REAL inclusive diversity success and experience…and used it to create the ultimate organizational justice offering.

You get access to 6 Pillars that will help you transform and support inclusive diversity in YOUR workplace. 

No more stressing about how to facilitate both 'World Peace" AND higher profits.

Learn real, actionable tactics that you can start implementing tomorrow.

This webinar is backed by the principles of positive psychology practices and research, designed to bring people together in a meaningful AND MEASURABLE way…

This Mastermind is perfect for the 
EMPATHETIC leader...

...who is exhausted from spending endless hours in politically correct conversations that lead nowhere (but SILENCE!)

...who is tired of the overwhelming pressure to inspire stellar performance and to (seemingly!) facilitate WORLD PEACE?! 

Take advantage of 10+ years of my research and learn what it takes to see real business results for every DEI outcome on your plate.

With me in your corner, you can breathe new life into your best practices and favorite tools.
No idealistic leadership / culture models that you need to aspire to become - before you can inclusively engage in your work.
No more new buzzwords meant to manage HR/OD expectations... 
(We might even ditch a few!)
No more doing similar things (even if they're called by another name) - and expecting different results!
No idealistic leadership / culture models that you need to aspire to become - before you can engage in your work.
No more buzzwords meant to manage HR/OD expectations...  
(We might even ditch a few!)
No more doing similar things (even if they're called by another name), expecting different results!
You get just EXACTLY what you need to know to set yourself (and your team!) up for success in ways that makes things simpler, even though they'll never, ever - really be easy...

Diversity has always seemed like a 'problem' to be solved.

Authenticity is a an opportunity - - a series of solutions...  
full of specific steps that YOU can manage.

Once a few pivots become second nature, you'll be able to show your team how to sustain effective inclusion through times of rising pressure...  and you'll be able to foster diversity that will be able to foster more!
Because who cares if everybody gets along, if they can't ALSO get to work better, together.
Or, what good does it do to complete your headcount, if you can't keep them from heading out the door?!


6 Pillars of Organizational Justice

You'll recognize...  not just how TO lead, but how YOU lead.  And, everyone
will know HOW they instinctually perform and the specific support they need.
...Without asking anyone to become something they're not.  NO 'covering'!
AND, personalizing the development / onboarding processes for 
EVERY person who joins your team (no matter what they look like!)

What Our Clients are saying...

“In less than a day, the [Inclusive Diversity Models] uncovered more about our tendencies, habits and go-to strategies under stress than we were conscious of – in real business context.

The immediate tweaks for this deeper awareness showed up in nearly every aspect of our strategic goals and our development needs. This kind of awareness is critical in prompting thoughtful and intentional positive change, and it very obviously gives deep insights to managing the pressures that cause stress.”

C. Stanton, JD, MA, PCC

“Observing the outcomes of an urgent business decision as the [Inclusive Diversity Models] behavioral predictions played out made me wish I could’ve had information like this earlier. Our people and our business may both thrive, even in our most vulnerable moments.”

B. Lindley, COO

“Understanding business mindsets in yourself and others is more than just self awareness, these are strengths that can be immediately leveraged for business growth. I saw others’ strengths as a complement to mine in an [Inclusive Diversity Model] that underpinned real business decisions. Simple and brilliant.”

S. Fisher, MAPP, MEd

Imagine If You Had The Tools To Revolutionize Your Working Practices To Support Personal And Organizational Well-being?

What if you could transform the business case for diversity into a predictive model for future business results? What if inclusion was no longer (just) about tolerance and ‘headcounts’, but also about LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD so your people AND your organization can thrive?

Imagine how you would feel knowing your choices were establishing fair and equitable working practices for the people who worked around you? What if you could ditch the politically correct conversations and open a fresh, authentic dialogue?

Sounds pretty good, right?

Trust me, it is!

What's included in the EXCLUSIVE MASTERMIND to build

6 Pillars of Organizational Justice

This exclusive Mastermind shows leaders 
exactly what it takes to inclusively lead your team... 
building 6 pillars to stand firm for greater business AND personal success...

Regardless of the size of your team.


Connect the 'business case' of DEI through every aspect of your organization to recognize and account for the impact you need it to have - on every part of your vision.


Reframe every operational policy, social impact plan, organizational process and HR/OD activity through the lens of DEI - for individual and organizational outcomes.


Guide people in understanding how their unique mindsets are serving them in their work and how best to predict the support they need to actively engage in daily performance.


Model the collective mindsets into complementary working relationships that target individuals' diversity to success, to underpin fair working norms, and to reduce bias in feedback.


Predict specific tactics to mitigate rising pressure and to move smoothly through change, for increasing performance without sacrificing anyone's path to personal well-being.


Once the team is organized around effective inclusion, leaders can predict personalized development and specific diversity recruiting needs - to sustain Inclusive Diversity.

Here’s What You’ll Get with 6 Pillars of Organizational Justice

Exclusive Mastermind 
from an Inclusive Diversity Strategist 

  • 12 brief video lessons (2 per Pillar - approx. 10 min, each)
  • ​A workbook, built upon in each lesson
  • Related research, articles and other information
  • Live Q&A sessions, recorded for future reference

High-Value, Actionable Implementation Guide

I'm throwing in my exact implementation steps... the ones I've found to be the most effective AND the simplest, most immediate steps you can take as the pillars are built.  I've NEVER given away these secrets before now.  I’m breaking that mold by giving you my best IMMEDIATELY actionable steps that you can put to use.

Limited 'Hot Seats' for 1-to-1 Coaching

I won't leave you to learn everything digitally!  I know how tough it is to make everyone happy.  I know that you'll have to 'sell this up the ladder' to build these pillars - at the same time you're learning this new way of doing things, yourself!  Frequently, throughout the weeks we spend together - I'll open my calendar for coaching.  I've got you.

 Webinar:  3 Key Pivots to Lead Beyond Bias 

  • Learn to interpret individuals' 6 key instinctual performance approaches
  • ​Recognize specific tactics to personalize development / onboarding
  • Understand 3 key pivots to sustain inclusive diversity, linked to success

 Workshop:  4 Levels of Bias Breaking Down YOUR Business 

  • Define the impact of 4 Levels of Bias to your people and business
  • ​Reduce bias in performance feedback and increase psychological safety
  • Identify specific actions to move your team beyond performance biases

But you won’t be paying anywhere NEAR that…

(Still, if that were the price, I’m sure you’d agree that it’s worth it… what price can you put on achieving the benefits of inclusive diversity in your workplace?!)
For a very limited time, you can get access to the
6 Pillars of Organizational Justice + Implementation Guide + Bonuses
Reg. $3941
Right now, 
for my Founding Members' Launch -
ONLY $997
YES! I WANT 6 Pillars of Organizational Justice NOW

You Really Only Have 3 Options...

You could leave now and go back to following your current best-practice. You'll be working hard to help your people feel they belong together,
but there’s no guarantee that you’ll make the business impact you desire …
You could take what you’ve learned and develop your next D&I plan… but it took me years to unlock the secrets to REAL transformative progress, and it was a grueling process…
You can decide right now to take your knowledge to the next level. Unlock the mindset shifts that help make a REAL, lasting impact on business success in the business, and transform effective inclusive diversity, sustaining well-being even under rising pressure and through change.
The choice is yours…

Transformation awaits!


While every organization is different, the specific tactics that you will use following this webinar are translatable to any industry or business.  Don't forget, I've worked with Military Units, Medical Practices, Corporations, Non-Profits, Small-to-Medium Businesses, Start-Ups, Equity and Impact Funders - So, YES!
Absolutely, I do! I work with consultants and coaches that you've brought in - as well as in joint venture with them to expand their client offerings.  I believe there's room for all of us!  What I do is complementary with other tools / approaches / models - it's for diverse people to participate more fully and inclusively in ANYTHING that is working well for your business or from your other consultants.
Yes! This webinar is designed to help anyone in a leadership position develop a culture of Inclusive Diversity in their business.  It's every leader's responsibility to lead people to be engaged in their work - and that only gets harder with more diversity.  I am here for YOU!
That is fantastic!  If they work for you, they work for me!  I learned and certified myself in more than 30 psychometric instruments, precisely because I wanted to know more about what they do...  When they are used within their intent, they are wonderful tools.  I found there were 9 factors that needed to be present in the measures of mindset diversity, and there are no other tools (that I've found) that have all 9.  They will all overlap - and thus, are complementary to our process.  Happy to discuss your specific tools / activities.  
Jump on my calendar at or email me at: